Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen Window Treatments, available at Allure Window Coverings
Silhouette Window Shadings

Consider Your Needs

Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds. Buy at Allure Window Coverings in Gresham
Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds are durable and easy to clean

As with all rooms, light control is essential in the kitchen, and so is ventilation. Depending on your home’s location, you may also want your window treatments to provide privacy.

If you cook frequently and your stove is near a window, it’s best to select a window treatment that can stand up to heat and humidity and is easy to clean, such as:
Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds
EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds
Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters

These window treatments are made from materials that won’t warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor - regardless of extreme heat or moisture. This also makes them a great choice for windows near a sink.

Top-Down / Bottom-Up Shades

Duette® Honeycomb Shades; available at Allure Window Coverings in Gresham
Duette Honeycomb Shades with Top-Down/Bottom-Up functionality

If moisture and heat are less of a concern, you may want to consider shades that can be opened from the bottom and also from the top. These shades create the perfect balance of privacy and natural light and look beautiful in open kitchen layouts, as shown here.

Shades that come with Top-Down/Bottom-Up functionality include:
Duette® Honeycomb Shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Options for Every Kitchen Style

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters, available at Allure Window Coverings in Gresham
Classic Heritance Hardwood Shutters are crafted from real wood

Another consideration, of course, is your kitchen’s style. From modern shades to classic shutters, we have window treatments to complement any décor. Take a look at the slideshow below for more ideas.

Simplify Your Life with Motorization

Pirouette® Window Shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers with PowerView® Motorization. Available at Allure Window Coverings in Gresham
Pirouette Window Shadings with PowerView Motorization 

Many of our Hunter Douglas window treatments are available with PowerView® Motorization. Using the intuitive PowerView App, you can automate your window treatments to move to the exact position you want throughout the day.

You can also operate your PowerView settings using the PowerView Pebble® Control or with voice commands. Learn more about PowerView® Motorization >

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